Come in Tokyo

During October and November 2007 I set off on an adventure that took me from Australia to Japan, then on to Russia and China before returning home to Australia. I have kept my travel emails from that trip, so I thought it might be fun to repost them here and add a few photos.  This blog is Part 1 of that journey (Japan).

I only started to send travel emails in 2007 and only upgraded to a blog in 2011, so I think I will post a series of them from my other trips around the world between those years in further posts as a retrospective view of my travels.

October 8th, 2007

(I have left this email in its original format as the font types have a story of their own)

Hi Everyone,

A quick (Well not so quick) group email to let you know I am going Ok and having a busy time in Tokyo. Arrived a little late and got a bit lost when I arrived in Shinjuku (Realized this when I saw the 6 foot ”lady” with an adams apple!!! - long story), but have my sense of direction well and truly back now!!!

Shinjuku Tokyo Japan
Shinjuku Tokyo
Shinjuku – busy day and night

Went out to see Mt Fuji (covered in clouds – saw more of it from the bus when I was about an hour away, but by the time I got there the clouds had rolled in. Nice area though – lakes, Mountains etc - Actually just getting there on a local highway bus was an adventure in itself!!!Much trial and error to find the bus in the first place! Once there I took the cable car (“ropeway”) up to Mount Kachi Kachi for some hiking and a great view of the surrounding countryside including Lake Kawaguchi.

Mt Fuji Japan in clouds
Ok so Mt. Fuji is behind all those clouds!
Mount Kachi Kachi Ropeway Cable Car Japan
The cable car to the top of Mt. Kachi Kachi
Mt Kachi Kachi Cable Car Japan
Heading on up to Mt. Kachi Kachi
Mt Kachi Kachi Mascots Japan
Mt. Kachi Kachi mascots (also possibly warning about fire danger?)
Lake Kawaguchi Japan
Lake Kawaguchi

Sorry if the typing in this post looks funny now and then – This keyboard sometimes writes in Japanese!!! Has a mind of Its own!!!!

Asakusa kimono Tokyo Japan
Kaminarimon (Kaminari Gate) Asakusa Tokyo Japan
Kaminarimon (Kaminari Gate) – Asakusa
Sensoji Temple Asakusa Tokyo
Me at the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa

The rest of the time I have been exploring Tokyo – entertainment and shopping areas, the gardens of the Imperial Palace, shrines etc. I love the vibe of this city and its fast busy pace!

Imperial Palace Tokyo
Imperial Palace
Imperial Palace Gardens Tokyo Japan
Imperial Palace Gardens
Harajuku Meiji Jingu Temple Gate Tokyo Japan
Meiji Jingu Temple Gate – Harajuku
Harajuku Tokyo Japan store lights
A store in Harajuku
Harajuku shopping street
Harajuku shopping area
Manga Anime Store Akihabara Tokyo Japan
Manga/Anime Store in Akihabara

The sheer amount of people in this city is amazing (over 13,000,000). I was in Shibuya today, which is apparently the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world. I would believe it, people everywhere – yet it all works!!!

Shubuya Pedestrian Crossing Tokyo Japan

The train stations are an event in themselves – especially the big ones, trying to work out  a ticket on the metro can be fun – some signs are in english, but the good old machines are in Japanese!!! And people going in every direction imaginable!

Shinjuku Metro Station Tokyo Japan
Shinjuku Metro Station

Having fun – Tokyo amuses me greatly! People here would have to be the most fashion conscious I have ever seen (good and bad!). Well one more day to go then off to Moscow! Going to be a shock to the system there temperature wise as it is warm and humid here.

Japanese TV
Crazy Japanese TV Shows

Loving the food here (sometimes I have to point at a picture to get what I want – but it seems to be working OK!!!). Costs are much cheaper than I expected – vending machines everywhere for drinks etc – they love vending machines here!

Vending Machines Tokyo Japan
Tokyo Vending Machines
Japanese Snack foods Tokyo Japan
Japanese snacks

8 Comments Add yours

  1. tokyo5 says:

    That’s great that you were able to visit Tokyo. I love this city…that’s why I’ve been living here since 1990!

    I found your blog through a link at Metal Odyssey. I guess you like heavy metal too. What are your favorite bands?

    1. Deano says:

      Love Japan! Please check out my other blog lots of metal and hard rock posts there. Some of my favourites include: Black Sabbath & Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Dio, Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth, Anvil, Mastodon, Rob Zombie plus many more! How about you?

      1. tokyo5 says:

        >How about you?

        All of the bands you’ve mentioned are great…but my favorites are:
        Ozzy (with and without Black Sabbath)
        Judas Priest
        Metallica (up to 1990)
        and a new(er) band I’ve been getting into…Avenged Sevenfold

      2. Deano says:

        Great! Yeah I am a big Priest fan too, saw them recently here in Seattle. AC/DC and KISS always too! Of newer bands I like Opeth, Red Fang, White Wizzard

      3. tokyo5 says:

        >I am a big Priest fan too, saw them recently here in Seattle.

        I saw them on their “Reunion Tour about seven years ago in Yokohama, Japan.
        Coincidentally, they’ll be back in Japan next month.

        >KISS always too!

        Have you ever seen KISS in concert? I’ve seen them a number of times.
        My avatar, by the way, is a kind of KISS logo using the Japanese character for “Power”.

        >I like Opeth, Red Fang, White Wizzard

        I have a couple White Wizzard songs on my i-pod. They’re good.
        I haven’t heard those other two bands…I’ll check them out.

      4. Deano says:

        I saw KISS on their supposed “Farewell” tour in 2001 in Australia. Ace Frehley played on that tour which was great (luckily they are still around). Your logo looks good – very cool!

        I want to see a concert in Japan someday, the concert videos I have seen from there are always full on! I have seen a few Japanese bands but always in Australia or the US (recently saw and met Shonen Knife for the second time – they are a lot of fun).

        Will you see Priest?

      5. tokyo5 says:

        >I have seen a few Japanese bands but always in Australia or the US

        I saw the Japanese band Loudness in Florida when I was a high school student.

        >recently saw and met Shonen Knife for the second time –

        They’re kinda unusual, aren’t they?

        >Will you see Priest?

        Not this time…but my friend is going to.

  2. Deano says:

    Loudness!!!! They are touring again (Japan) with their original Japanese singer

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