Mad Max…..time to hit the Fury Road!

My favourite Australian movie (I originally posted this on my other blog Deano In America)

Deano In America

Welcome to a tribute to my favourite Australian movie: Mad Max. A great movie that spawned 2 sequels and a soon to be 4th installment. Its heroes, villains and road battles using classic Aussie muscle cars have ensured Mad Max has a cult like following not only in my homeland, but also in the US, Europe and Japan.

Mad Max posters

I first saw the original movie at the Hamilton drive-in (a country town in Victoria, Australia) in 1979/80. The funny thing about this first viewing was that the movie was R rated and you had to be 18+ to see it, I was only about 8 years old at the time! My Uncle Rob snuck me into the drive-in by hiding me beneath his legs under a blanket on the passenger side floor of the car (thanks Rob, I will never forget that)! The R Rating back then seems a bit over the top today, as the movie although violent was not really…

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