I still call Australia home

A sunburnt country…

Although I currently live in the USA, my homeland is Australia and it is a place I love. January 26th is when we celebrate Australia Day so I thought I would write about that great southern land.

“I love a sunburnt country,

A land of sweeping plains,

Of ragged mountain ranges,

Of droughts and flooding rains.

I love her far horizons,

I love her jewel-sea,

Her beauty and her terror

The wide brown land for me!”

An excerpt from “My Country” written by Dorethea MacKellar (published in 1908)

Australia can be a harsh place of searing heat and drought, along with what we call bush fires (forest fires) and dust storms, then at the same time we can be hit by floods that can cover vast areas! Every now and then we even suffer from things like locust, mosquito and mice plagues!

Along with the natural elements we also have a multitude of animals that are highly poisonous to contend with including:

Taipan Australia5 out of the top 10 most venomous land snakes in the world: Death Adder, Tiger Snake, Taipan, Eastern Brown Snake and the number one in the world the Inland Taipan, plus the most venomous from the sea the Belchers Sea Snake!

5 out of the top 10 most venomous spiders in the world: Sac Spider, Wolf Spider, Red Back Spider, Mouse Spider and our most dangerous the Funnel Web which is No. 4 in the top 10.

Funnel Web Spider Australia
Funnel Web (Source: The Courier Mail)

There are also a curious array of other poisonous nasties including the Blue Ring Octopus, the dreaded Box Jellyfish, Scorpion Fish, Stone Fish and Stingrays.

Then we have other creatures that will just simply eat you!: 

Australia has all the major man-eating Sharks circling our shores including the Great White, Tiger Shark, Bull Shark and Whitetip Shark.

Great White Shark Australia
Say hello to the Great White!

Plus massive Estuarine Crocodiles (the “Salty”) that lurk in the waters of Northern Australia!

Salt Water Crocodile Australia
A big “Salty” – Adelaide River, Northern Territory (2007)

So why on earth do we live in the land down under?

Well despite all this Australia is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world (and not that many people get killed by our creatures….apart from tourists and the occasional surfer)! Plus we have Vegemite, the best sport in the World in Australian Rules Football (tough, fast, high-flying and no girly padding or helmets) and we are the home of the legendary AC/DC! Enough said! Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!

Vegemite Australia

Australia – driest inhabited continent (source: CSIRO)

Australia is a massive island continent, with lush tropical rainforests in the north, magnificent beaches surrounding our coastline, fertile farmland and native forests in the East, South and South West, wine country in many states and then the deserts and arid land that makes up our vast outback. According to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Australia is the driest inhabited continent in the world; 70% of it is either arid or semi arid land. The majority of our 22 million multicultural people cling to the fertile East Coast with almost half that population living in 3 cities – Sydney 4.5 million, Melbourne 4 million and Brisbane 2 million.

To give you some idea of the vast distances between our cities it takes up to 10 hours to drive from Melbourne to Sydney, 11 hours from Sydney to Brisbane. Then if you want to go right across the country to the Western most city of Perth it would take at least 42 hours of non stop driving from Sydney! Or say from Melbourne in the South to Darwin in the North it would take about 44 hours!

Melbourne Brisbane Sydney
Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney

As a counter to all our nasty (but beautiful creatures in their own way), we have a unique native animal population of Marsupials found nowhere else like the Kangaroo, Wallaby, Koala, Wombat, Quokka and Bandicoot, plus the Tasmanian Devil and Quoll which are carnivorous Marsupials. Oh and who could forget two of the more bizarre creatures out there the Echidna (Spikey Anteater) and Platypus (alas it is cute but the males have venomous spurs!)! There are even giant flightless birds (Emu and Cassowary), plus all the marine animals people love including Whales, Dolphins, Seals and Dugongs (like a Manatee).

Australian Animals Echidna Kangaroo Emu Platypus Cassowary

Humpback Whale Seal Australia

I have been lucky over the years to have travelled widely in Australia, yet I have still only scratched the surface of this vast land and could spend a lifetime exploring it. Here is a snapshot of some of my travels over the years that will give you a great idea of Australia’s diversity and rugged beauty.

Temperate Zones

Wimmera River Pink Lake Victoria Australia
Wimmera River and Pink Lake, Victoria
Mitre Lake Mt Arapiles Victoria Australia
Mitre Rock & Salt Lakes of the Wimmera Plains
Cradle Mountain Tahune Forest Tasmania
Cradle Mountain & Tahune Forest – Tasmania
Victorian Forests Australia
Victorian Forests
Stephensons Falls Wombelano Falls Victoria Australia
Stephensons Falls & Wombelano Falls – Victoria
Victoria Australia
Victorian wonders
Mt. Arapiles Victoria Australia
Mt. Arapiles – Victoria
Lake Hindmarsh
Lake Hindmarsh – Victoria (in 2011 it was almost full, the first time since 1996…accursed drought)

Beaches & Rugged Coastlines

Busselton Pier Western Australia
2nd longest pier in the World – Busselton Western Australia
Australia Beaches Victoria Tasmania King Island
Victoria and Tasmania
Mornington Beach Boxes Victoria Australia
Mornington Beach Boxes – Victoria
South East Cape Lion Rock Tasmania
South East Cape & Lion Rock – Tasmania (Southern most point of Australia)
Tasmania Australia
Cape Schank Twelve Apostles Victoria Australia
Cape Schanck & The Twelve Apostles – Victoria

Tropical North

Cairns Queensland Great Barrier Reef
Tropical Queensland
Kakadu Northern Territory
Kakadu NP – Northern Territory


Uluru Ayers Rock
Uluru (Ayers Rock) – Northern Territory
Olgas Kings Canyon Northern Territory
The Olgas and Kings Canyon – Northern Territory
Walls of China Mungo National Park Australia
“Great Walls Of China” – Mungo NP – New South Wales
Outback South Australia
Outback South Australia
Outback ruins South Australia
Outback ruins – South Australia
Wilpena Pound South Australia
St. Mary’s Peak – Wilpena Pound – South Australia

So let’s all enjoy a meat pie and a beer and sing Advance Australia Fair!!!

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  1. Deano says:

    Reblogged this on Deano In America and commented:

    Happy Australia Day!

  2. Marjie. says:

    Great photos Deano. Funnel web photo makes me cringe. Thank goodness they don’t live where we live! I remember Mum’s cousin catching them to be sent to a lab in Sydney. She and her hubby used long tweezers to catch them and then put them into jars.

    1. Deano says:

      Thanks, I am surprised you actually looked at it Marjie! Thought the Funnel Web might have put you off!

  3. vixytwix says:

    Happy Australia Day! It’s wet and hot here in Queensland at the moment. I have just had vegemite toast for breakfast and we will be firing up the Barbie later. Neighbours are furiously mowing their lawns and our street will be a cricket pitch with wheelie bins for stumps. Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi.

    1. Deano says:

      Thanks. Happy Australia Day to you too. Enjoy! Us Aussies here in the US are a day behind, so tomorrow night will be spent at the only Aussie pub in Seattle, also a place where they have proper meat pies too!

      1. Hey Deano 🙂
        OMFG What is the name of “the only Aussie pub in Seattle”?? lol & Where do I find it?? 😀
        I’ll be flying into NYC (first time OS) in August, doing the rounds & then I’ll be in Seattle by mid-October… it’ll be a great pick-me-up, as I’m sure I’ll be well & truly homesick, by then!!!

        Cheers in advance, mate!!

      2. Deano says:

        It is in Ballard which is a fun neighbourhood. Check it out here http://kangarooandkiwi.com/


  4. Wow, truly amazing images! Australia is somewhere I have wanted to see for a long time…someday.

    1. Deano says:

      Thanks. I wish I had access to all my old photos! I am sure you will get there one day.

      There are vast parts of North West Australia that I have not been to, places like the Bungle Bungles and Ningaloo Reef which look amazing. I hope to visit them on a return trip home some day too.

  5. incaunipocrit says:

    Reblogged this on The Blogspaper.

  6. Sadly I only stayed in Melbourne for six months due to school, and did not have a chance to go to other places in Australia.

    1. Deano says:

      Melbourne is where I used to live. Great city 🙂 But yes so much more to see, you will have to go back some day

    2. Deano says:

      Are you living back in Taiwan now or just visiting?

  7. Trev says:

    Dean with your vast experience of taking photo’s, what advise do you have if someone wanted to by a digital SLR?

    1. Deano says:

      Hi Trev, with so many cameras out there today it can be a challenge. For a DSLR you can never really go wrong with a Canon or Nikon. The other thing is to get a zoom lens with a focal length upto at least 250mm (they normally sell a kit option)

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