Wellington, New Zealand

Kia Ora (Maori for G’day) and welcome to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. Although the second largest city after Auckland, it is relatively small (population 393,400), but being surrounded by hills and set on a fantastic harbour, Wellington is a very picturesque place to visit.

Wellington NZ
Wellington Harbour
Wellington harbour by night New Zealand
Wellington harbour by night
Wellington Harbour art NZ
Wellington Harbour art
Wellington NZ
Time for a stroll
NZ parliament wellington
NZ parliament house

Officially founded in 1840, Wellington became the capital city in 1865 (replacing Auckland). As such it is home to the New Zealand Government and Parliament buildings including Parliament House (Opened 1918 – the original building burnt down in 1907) and the distinctive “Beehive” executive building (completed in 1979 – houses the offices of the Prime Minister and Cabinet).

beehive wellington nz parliament
The “Beehive”
weta cave peter jackson mirimar wellington NZ
The Weta Cave

The Weta Cave My favourite place in Wellington is in the suburb of Miramar,  The Weta Cave. It is a mini-museum and store dedicated to the movies of the Weta Workshop owned by Peter Jackson. Creators and providers of special effects and costumes for movies like The Lord Of The Rings, The Adventures of TintinThe Chronicles of Narnia, King Kong and old cult classics like Brain Dead and Meet the Feebles! It is a fantastic little place to visit, but unfortunately due to confidentiality you can not tour the movie studios.

weta cave nz
Inside the Weta Cave
Orc lord of the rings weta cave wellington nz
Orcs about!

 Most people come to see The Lord of The Rings displays.

Uruk-hai orc lord of the rings weta cave nz
Gollum smeagal lord of the rings weta cave nz
Hello Gollum
moa bird giant eagle nz
Moa Bird and Giant Eagle

 Wellington is also home to the excellent Museum of New Zealand. Apart from an extensive collection on Maori history there are many interesting exhibits including the extinct giant Moa bird (which could grow to 13 feet /4 metres tall!) and the skeleton of the famed race horse Phar Lap (the rest of him resides in Australia – his stuffed remains are in the Melbourne Museum).

phar lap skeleton wellington nz
Phar Lap skeleton

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