Cradle Mountain Hike – Tasmania (2008)

In March 2008 myself and a couple of mates left Melbourne, Victoria to travel to Northern Tasmania and Cradle Mountain – Lake St. Clair National Park in particular.

cradle mountain tasmania

Our goal was to hike and climb to the top of the jagged contours of the rugged Cradle Mountain.

cradle mountain national park tasmania
Cradle Mountain

We achieved this in a 6 hour return trip. We started at the edge of Dove Lake making our way around the lake shore. Then we started to head upwards towards the smaller Lake Wilks. From there it was up to the summit of Cradle Mountain.

cradle mountain hike tasmania
Every journey has a beginning and an end

cradle mountain map tasmania australia

At times as we started to make our way to the top it was a pretty tricky, especially getting around the boulders and huge rock formations with big drops below.

cradle mountain national park
Halfway to the top
cradle mountain summit tasmania australia
A few rocky obstacles!

Despite a few “interesting” moments we made it to the top safely and  ultimately the views were well worth it! This hike was a fantastic experience in a beautiful part of Australia (Cradle Mountain is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area).

cradle mountain summit
We made it!

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