Montmorency Falls – Quebec Canada

28th March, 2012

Although it was a bitterly cold snowy day I took a journey out to Montmorency Falls just north of Quebec City. I have seen magnificent photos of these falls in Summer but the Winter setting (in Spring!) that I experienced became something quite unique.

The falls on the Montmorency River are the tallest in the Quebec province at 84 metres / 275 feet high. The falls look quite magnificent as they crash down below where the water then flows into the St. Lawrence River.

Manoir Montmorency Quebec
You are first greeted by the Manoir Montmorency
Montmorency Falls Quebec Canada
Montmorency Falls
Montmorency Falls
Path to the falls
Montmorency Falls Suspension Bridge
The rushing falls and suspension bridge
Montmorency Falls Quebec
The falls crash down
Montmorency Falls Quebec Canada
It’s a long way down!
Montmorency Falls Suspension Bridge
A few hearty souls on the chilly suspension bridge
Montmorency Falls Winter Quebec
The majesty of a wintery day

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