AC/DC Lane – Melbourne Australia

ACDC Highway to hell

In 2004 a small laneway in the CBD of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia got a major tourist boost when it was renamed AC/DC Lane in recognition of one of Australia’s greatest bands and also one time residents of my old hometown Melbourne. The street sign used to get stolen frequently!

In February 2010 the laneway got a temporary makeover for the upcoming AC/DC Black Ice tour and also the grand opening of the AC/DC Australia’s Family Jewels exhibition (that is now visiting my new home Seattle after being shown in Western Australia and Scotland!). Being a lifelong AC/DC fan I went to the laneway, the concert and the exhibition!

Bon Scott 1977 AC/DC
Bon Scott

The makeover consisted of a collage of poster images from throughout the history of AC/DC and the three lead singers Dave Evans (the original singer 1973-74), Bon Scott (1974-1980. RIP February 19th, 1980) and Brian Johnson (1980 – present). Under the main poster that greeted you upon arrival was the following:

“If you post over these posters before February Nineteen, Bon will come to you in your sleep and punch you in the face”!

AC/DC Lane Melbourne Australia

AC/DC Lane Angus Young

AC/DC Lane

AC/DC Lane Brian Johnston Melbourne Simon Wright

AC/DC Lane Dave Evans

AC/DC Lane Melbourne Bon Scott malcolm young

AC/DC Lane Phil Rudd Cliff Williams

AC/DC Lane Melbourne CBD Victoria Australia Chris Slade Simon Wright Angus Young

AC/DC Lane Highway to hell Powerage

Remember that when you are on the Highway to Hell, Rock N’ Roll Aint Noise Pollution!

AC/DC Forever!

AC/DC Lane Melbourne AC/DC Forever Angus Young Bon Scott Brian Johnson Malcolm Young Phil Rudd Cliff Williams

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