Metallica – 3D Movie Shoot Concert

Although I just saw Metallica play at the Download Festival in the U.K. in June 2012 an opportunity came up to see a special concert at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada on August 27th for only $5! So it was time to get up there from Seattle ASAP and ride the lightning again (I heard this song live for the first time at this show)!

Metallica Vancouver BC 3D movie shoot August 2012
The Metallica stage before the show

Metallica had already played two shows on the weekend in Vancouver as part of a mini-tour that had a few dates in Canada (Edmonton and Vancouver only) and Mexico City, Mexico. A strange combination of dates! Then they added this extra date with tickets only going on sale a few days before the actual event.

Metallica Vancouver BC Kirk Hammett
Metallica with Kirk Hammett in silhouette
Lars Ulrich James Hetfield Robert Trujillo Metallica Vancouver 2012
Lars Ulrich, Robert Trujillo & James Hetfield

The ticket price went to a local food back charity and the concert was to finish filming of Metallica’s 3D movie that will be released in 2013 titled Metallica Through The Never. So instead of their normal 2.5 hour concert, this one had lots of stops and starts, along with crowd interaction as they filmed each song. It ended up going for about 5 hours but seemed to go so fast!

Metallica end of song 3D Movie Shoot Vancouver BC Canada
End of a song and time for a break
Metallica waiting for the camera crew to get ready so they can play again

The stage set was really cool. Huge coffin-shaped video screens and massive projection screens would lower from the roof along with flames (Fuel) and crosses (Master of Puppets) coming out of the floor and much more! I really enjoyed seeing this, as all other Metallica shows I have been to have been outdoors with only big screens behind them – none of these types of stage props.

Fuel Metallica 3D Movie Shoot Vancouver
Give me fuel, give me fire!
Master of Puppets Metallica Vancouver BC 2012
Master of Puppets
Metallica One stage set Vancouver BC August 2012
Metallica Vancouver BC 2012 3d Movie
A visual spectacular Metallica style!
Coffins  stage set Metallica 2012
Get me out of this coffin!

The crowd surrounded the stage and as it was general admission you could get really close. Again this only cost $5!

Kurt Hammett Metallica
Kurt Hammett
Metallica Canada 2012
Metallica let rip!
Moving stage set Metallica vancouver BC 2012
The stage set is in motion!
Lars Ulrich Metallica
Who you looking at Lars?
Metallica 3D Movie Shoot August 2012 Vancouver Canada
James Hetfield & Lars Ulrich
Metallica Canada 2012
The destruction of the stage set for the big finale!

Now I have to wait to see the final release of Metallica Through The Never to see if I made it into one of the many crowd shots….

Metallica Vancouver BC 2012
Thanks for a great night Metallica!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. robakers says:

    what good fun. cant wait for to see the guys in 3D!

    I will be looking for you as well.

    1. Deano says:

      Ha thanks. Was great fun!

  2. Deano says:

    I saw the movie today in IMAX. It is fantastic!

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