Coop’s Shot Tower – Melbourne, Australia

Coops shot tower Melbourne Australia pre 1991
Coop’s Shot Tower pre 1991 (photo source:

In the heart of Melbourne, Australia is an interesting sight – the Coop’s Shot Tower which is enclosed under a large conical glass structure in the Melbourne Central shopping centre. The 50 metre (164 feet) brick tower was completed in 1890 and was  used to produce lead shot balls until 1960. Molten lead would be dropped from height within the tower and as it falls, the lead forms into the shape of a ball and solidifies before landing in water that was used to cool them down.

Unoccupied the shot tower was saved from demolition in 1973 (it was placed on the Victorian state heritage list and protected by law). By 1991 the tower was incorporated into the shopping complex under the 77 metre (252 feet) glass cone.

I passed through there a few days ago and could not resist the urge to take a couple of photos. This has to be one of the most photographed places in Melbourne?

Coops Shot Tower Melbourne Central
Coop’s Shot Tower 2012
Coops Shot Tower Melbourne Central Shopping Centre
Possibly one of the most photographed structures in Melbourne?
Melbourne Central
Melbourne Central (photo source:

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