Nhill Fly In 2012

A great day in the Australian country town of Nhill for their 2012 fly in event

Aces Flying High

On October 20th, 2012 the town of Nhill in the Wimmera district of Victoria held a Fly In event to help raise money for the restoration of a World War Two era Avro Anson (a twin-engine trainer and liaison aircraft. This particular one was recovered from a farm in the region where it had sat for many years following disposal by the RAAF) and also to establish a new Nhill Aviation Heritage Centre museum at the aerodrome. During the war Nhill was a major RAAF training base between 1941 to 1946, principally operating the Avro Anson for air navigation training (for both day and night flying – the navigators had to find their way by using the stars).

As the war progressed on both the European, Middle East and Pacific front, more and more pilots and aircrew were required. With the threat of Japanese invasion, especially in 1942, many secret airbases…

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