MacKenzie Falls and the “attack” of the Kookaburras!

MacKenzie Falls Grampians NP Australia
MacKenzie Falls

MacKenzie Falls is located within the Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia. I have been visiting the area since I was a kid but a recent trip provided quite a spectacular sight as there was plenty of water cascading over the rock ledge.

MacKenzie Falls
The rushing water created a nice cool change on a warm day
MacKenzie Falls Grampians
The falls have been a favourite tourist destination for generations
MacKenzie Falls birds eye view
A birds eye view of the falls
MacKenzie Falls Grampians Naational Park
Take the time to follow the path up here. As you can see the view is well worth it

On the way there with my sister we spotted a number of Kangaroos and Emu’s near the road but the absolute highlight for me were some very cheeky and very clever Kookaburra’s near the falls. They sat there hidden in the trees watching us eat our lunch, then two unexpectedly pounced in a tactical pincer movement….BAM, BAM one after the other, hitting my sisters salad wrap, taking pieces of it literally out of her hand as she went to take a bite! She was not too happy, but I just couldn’t stop laughing (I kept my lunch under extreme guard)! They flew so close to us that I felt their wings brush the side of my head! Then when it appeared to be all over a third did another precision strike on the remains of that wrap! Mission successful Kookaburra’s. 🙂

Kookaburra MacKenzie Falls Grampians Victoria Australiau
Laugh Kookaburra Laugh!
Kookaburra bird Australia
Coming in for a closer inspection
Kookaburra MacKenzie Falls
Even closer!

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