The Mossie takes flight in NZ

Seeing the Mosquito fly in NZ – what an amazing moment ūüôā

Aces Flying High

After a seven year reconstruction and restoration¬†by Avspecs Ltd. in Auckland, New Zealand a de Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.26¬†fighter-bomber, ‚ÄúTheWooden Wonder‚ÄĚ took to the¬†skies once¬†again in 2012 appearing at a number of flying events¬†around Auckland (the first flight was September 27th, 2012). This particular aircraft, serial number KA114, was originally built in Canada in 1945 (one of 338 Mk.26 built there) and is currently the only flying example¬†of any Mosquito version in the world (the¬†last other flying example crashed in the UK in 1996). The¬† good news is that in a few years there will be more flying with other projects in both NZ and the UK underway!

For me the ‚ÄúMossie‚ÄĚ has a special place as a relative, Charles Curnow¬†Scherf was one of Australia‚Äôs best aces during World War Two flying a similar type of Mosquito over‚Ķ

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