Rainbow Lorikeets

Rainbow Lorikeet
Rainbow Lorikeet

The Rainbow Lorikeet is a beautiful brightly multi-coloured native parrot found widely around Australia’s northern and eastern coasts living in treed areas including rainforests and native forests. These intelligent medium-sized parrots live in noisy and very busy flocks and are quite amusing to watch as they go about their daily business.

Rainbow Lorikeet
Rainbow Lorikeet
Rainbow Lorikeet Horsham Wimmera
A fun bird to watch
Rainbow Lorikeet
They are very social
Rainbow Lorikeet
And inquisitive

These ones I spotted along the Wimmera River in Horsham, Victoria during a recent fishing competition. They spent the whole day exploring their gum tree, feeding (they eat nectar, pollen, fruits, seeds and insects), playing, flying and occasionally fighting over food!

Rainbow Lorikeet Fight
A brief fight over food!
Rainbow Lorikeet
Taking a rest
Rainbow Lorikeet
It’s a lot of fun watching the Rainbow Lorikeets flit about the trees

Every now and then they would come down to the lower branches of this tree to take a closer inquisitive look at us too!

Rainbow Lorikeet Wimmera River Victoria
Checking me out!
Rainbow Lorikeet
Beautiful colours
Rainbow Lorikeet
Sometimes hanging upside down is the way to go!
Rainbow Lorikeet Wimmera River
One last look

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