Metal swarms on Toronto \m/(>.<)\m/

Now I know in my last blog I said Ottawa was next on my travels in Canada and it was, but wow what a week for heavy metal music I have just had in Toronto, Ontario Canada! From New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) legends Raven to German power metallers Helloween and a swag of local bands in between it has been a lot of ear blasting fun!

Raven - Brothers in Arms (John & Mark Gallagher and Joe Hasselvander on drums) Toronto Canada 2013
Raven – Brothers in Arms (John & Mark Gallagher and Joe Hasselvander on drums)
Pirate Jack O. Lantern - Helloween
Pirate Jack O. Lantern – Helloween
Helloween Toronto Ontario 2013

Both the headlining bands put on a great and enthusiastic show and the crowd did likewise. This was the first time I had seen Helloween live and I was impressed, they sounded great, were having a lot of fun and had the crowd going from the moment they took the stage (including many a big sing along). Raven did likewise and are a great bunch of guys who are happy to meet and chat with their fans. John Gallagher still has a soaring voice and Mark Gallagher his brother is a Wildman on the guitar! The crowd loved the high notes!

Helloween set the stage alight!
Helloween – great song after great song
Raven Mark Gallagher
Mark Gallagher
Raven John Gallagher
John Gallagher
Joe Hasselvander Raven
Joe Hasselvander – top bloke, chatted with him before the show

Each band played a great set of their most popular songs to keep all happy in the crowd. Raven played songs like Break the Chain, Rock Until You Drop, Faster than the Speed of Light, Breaking You Down, Firepower and Take Control.

Raven John Gallagher
Raven John Gallagher
John Gallagher solo
Raven HEavy Metal band
Raven breaking it down since 74

Helloween played a lot off their new album Straight out of Hell (2013) which is excellent. Their songs included Straight out of Hell, Nabataea, Live Now!, Waiting for the Thunder, Dr. Stein, I Want Out and Futureworld. If you get a chance to catch either band on their current North American tours I recommend you go for sure. You will have a blast!

Helloween Guitar Toronto 2013
Helloween guitar assault!
Helloween Drummer Toronto 2013
Helloween drum attack!
Andi Deris Helloween
Thanks Andi Deris!
Great gig!
Great gig!
Helloween at the Opera House Toronto
A reflective moment
Straight out of Hell!
Top Night
Top Night
Helloween rock it out

Kudos to all the supports too: Corporal Punishment, Spewgore and Fatality (all from Canada and all great band names) at the Raven Gig. Battlesoul (Canada – kilt wearing folk thrash metal!) and Coldsteel (USA) at Helloween. Great sets!

Battlesoul Canada Folk Thrash Metal
Battlesoul – Kilt wearing metal maniacs!

All this was followed up with the masters of thrash metal Metallica on the big screen. Yes their long-awaited 3D movie Metallica Through The Never hit IMAX screens on September 27th, 2013. I had a special reason for wanting to see this, Somewhere I am in it! Yes last year I went to a special Metallica concert in Vancouver, BC to film parts of the concert that is in the movie (jt is more than a concert movie though as the world is going into chaos and anarchy outside while the concert rages on). The outcome?  A great movie. I felt like I was back at the show!

Metallica Through the never IMAX 3D Movie
See this in IMAX if you can. Bigger and better than ever!

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