The Flying Salties of the Adelaide River

So they say white man can’t jump. What about Saltwater Crocodiles?

The big crocs come out to visit the tourist boats on the Adelaide River in he Northern Territory of Australia Saltwater Crocodile
The big crocs come out to visit the tourist boats on the Adelaide River in he Northern Territory of Australia
Hannibal Saltwater Crocodile NT

I can tell you if one was after me I would certainly jump!

Saltwater Crocodile leaps up from water NT Australia
Think you are safe high up from the water?
Saltwater Crocodile Australia
Big Crocs can lift most of their body out of the water
Crocodile leaping through Air NT
Yes they can fly!
Saltwater Crocodile leaps through the air adelaide river NT Australia
Very impressive!
Saltwater Crocodile Estuarine Crocodile Northern Territory
They sheer power of Saltwater Crocodiles to leap so high is amazing!

The Saltwater Crocodile, Crocodylus Porosus is also known as an Estuarine Crocodile or commonly in Australia as a “Saltie“. They are the worlds largest living reptile. It is not uncommon for them to reach a length of over 6 metres (20 foot long)! The big ones can weigh more than a metric tonne (over 1,000 kilograms or between 2000-3000 pounds)!

Saltwater Croc Adelaide River
Big Hannibal comes up to check out whats going on. He is about 5.8 metres in length and said to be over 100 years old

Salties” are big, they are mean and you DO NOT mess with them (numerous German tourists seem to have ignored that over the years and ended up as dinner)! Luckily for most Aussies (and tourists) they are only found in the warmer climate of the tropical north of Australia.

Hannibal Saltwater Crocodile Adelaide River NT Australia
Hannibal likes

The Adelaide River in the Northern Territory is a great place to see the big crocs up close. River cruises take droves of tourists out there to see them leap into the air for meat. I was there in 2007 and it was quite an experience!

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  1. travelforaircraft says:

    What an animal! There is a smaller croc species in Cuba which hunts birds by leaping out of the water, as well.

    1. Deano says:

      The last of the dinosaurs. Amazing creatures

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