Brown vs Green Anole

The Brown Anole was originally from Cuba and the Bahamas but by 1887 they had found there way to the Florida Keys. Today they are widespread across the state of Florida

Brown Anole Lizard
Brown Anole
Brown anole red throat
Brown Anole puffing out its red throat to defend its territory (from me?)

It is pretty common to see quite a lot of Brown Anoles scurrying about Florida gardens. Unfortunately it is said to have displaced and reduced populations of the native Green Anole.

Brown Anole dewlap Florida
A Brown Anole displaying its dewlap

The aggressive nature of the Brown Anole has made life tough for the Green Anole making it rare to see one. Low and behold though, this week one went scurrying past my feet, stopped and displayed its pink dewlap just to tell me to back off! I for one am glad to see the race is not lost yet by the Green Anole!

Green Anole Florida
A cautious Green Anole
Green Anole Florida pink dewlap
Keep your distance
Brown Anole
A confused Brown Anole? Note the green patch on its shoulders.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. travelforaircraft says:

    I too have always liked seeing the green anoles scurry about. Florida’s ecology is largely a passive one so just about any invasive species has an edge over the native ones.

    1. Deano says:

      Yes its kind of nice to know that the native species is still holding on!

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