The Elephants of Chobe: Up Close and Angry!

Chobe National Park in north-eastern Botswana is home to at least 50,000 African Elephants. This is possibly the highest number of Elephants in one place in Africa. Everyday you are in the park you are bound to encounter them, be it in large herds or singular encounters. This one burst out of the scrub unexpectedly and didn’t particularly like the small group I was in. It is actually chasing our jeep in this photo! Things got a bit hairy when the jeep wouldn’t start but we got away just in time (note what appears to be a scar on the Elephants head. I don’t think it messes around?)!

Elephant charging Chobe National Park
Angry Elephant

This next one was not too impressed with us either! Luckily we were at a much safer distance and it just let us know to keep moving on!

Angry Elephant Chobe National Park Botswana
Not too impressed with us either!

Note: Nothing was done to provoke the Elephants, it’s just the way things go sometimes!


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