The Elephants of Chobe: Friends

This was an interesting moment in Botswana’s Chobe National Park. This Elephant seemed to be an outcast from a nearby herd. She was trumpeting at my group out on a boat in the river and wasn’t very happy. The other Elephants just seemed to be ignoring her.

Elephants of Chobe NP
Peaceful Elephants of Chobe NP and one annoyed one!

Suddenly a second larger Elephant came running across bellowing at us! She then made contact with the smaller one, almost comforting her.

Angry Elephant Chobe NP Botswana
A somewhat angry Elephant!

The smaller one almost immediately calmed down and then together they headed to join the herd. I don’t know if she was already part of the herd or suddenly a new member? Either way this was  quite a fascinating thing to watch unfold.

African Elephants Chobe National Park River Botswana
New or old friends?

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