The Elephants of Chobe: One Herd vs. Two Lions

Any day in Chobe National Park is like watching a wildlife documentary come to life, but on this day it was simply incredible…

Here was a Lion and Lioness resting and drinking from a river. They were relaxed and enjoying the sunny day.

Lion Chobe NP Botswana
Lion relaxing
Lioness Chobe NP Botswana
Lioness enjoying a drink

Then a smallish herd of Elephants appeared. For what ever reason they wanted to drink from the very spot where the Lions were.

Elephants lions Chobe NP Botswana
Here come the Elephants

The Elephants kept coming closer, trumpeting, flapping their ears and kicking up dust to scare the Lions off. I have to give credit to Lions. They are one brave beast and stood their ground, snarling and not going anywhere!

Lions Chobe NP
We are not moving!
Elephants Chobe NP
This got the Elephants bristling!
Elephants Chobe NP
The Elephants keep on coming
Elephant herd Chobe National Park Botswana
Getting closer
Elephant herd Chobe National Park Botswana
Kicking up the dust

The Elephants got closer and closer yet the Lions virtually did not budge. This just made the Elephants even more annoyed and they started to really get angry and make small charges towards the Lions. This is when I noticed their were juveniles within the herd. The females did not want these Lions coming anywhere near the young ones.

Elephant herd Chobe NP Botswana
A charge
Baby elephant Elephant herd Chobe National Park Botswana
Little ones
Baby Elephant Elephant herd Chobe National Park Botswana
A baby

The Elephants pushed and pushed. Eventually the Lions slinked off into nearby bushes. They didn’t go too far though and just stayed on the edge of the clearing near the river bank with an occasional snarl for the Elephants.

Lion hidden in bush Chobe NP Botswana
The Lions stayed nearby

The Elephants had won on this day. They then celebrated with a drink in the river (whilst keeping a very watchful eye on the Lions and protecting the young ones). Africa is one incredible place!

Elephant Herd Drinking Chobe NP
Celebrating the victory!

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  1. Bama says:

    What an incredible sight you witnessed! Seeing wild animals in their natural habitat always proves to be an amazing experience. I felt exactly that when I visited Komodo National Park in Indonesia to see the giant lizards.

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