The Elephants of Chobe: Mud Bath

What better way to finish a strenuous river crossing than an enjoyable mud bath? These Elephants were having a blast in this mud pit on the river’s edge in Chobe National Park! I loved watching their enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment in all that mud (I was on a boat in the river they had just crossed). It was just one of many moments whilst on safari in southern Africa that you just couldn’t help but smile at.

African Elephants mud bath Chobe NP Botswana
Lets go!
African Elephants mud bath Chobe NP Botswana
Get in there!
Elephants mud bath chobe NP botswana
Mud bath time
African Elephants mud bath Chobe NP Botswana
So much fun to watch

Now Elephants don’t just do this for fun. The mud is actually very beneficial to their skin. It helps to cool them off a bit and then provides a form of sunblock to protect their relatively hairless skin (their skin looks tough but they can get sunburnt). Younger Elephants apparently have very sensitive skin but Elephants of all ages need this extra skin protection. Despite the necessity their genuine enjoyment out of this was very evident. In many ways they really are not much different from us at all.

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