The Colourful Homes of Iceland

In winter, Iceland is mostly a snow and ice-covered volcanic landscape of lava fields and mountains devoid of trees. This leaves the land of fire and ice as a more or less black and white landscape.

Iceland landscape
Typical Icelandic terrain of lava fields and distant mountains

To break this beautiful yet bland appearance (it seems strange to combine this description but its true), Icelanders have taken it upon themselves to brighten their towns and cities by painting many of the homes and shops in bright colours. Wander the streets of the capital Reykjavik and you will see all sorts of colours along the main shopping and residential areas.

Colourful homes and shops in Reykjavik Iceland
Colourful homes and shops in Reykjavik

The little homes, many with corrugated iron outer walls are painted in unique colours from bright green to various shades of blue, yellow, red etc. Even on the most bleak of winter days this painted homes add some warmth to the city streets.

Colourful homes Reykjavik Iceland
So many colours
Colourful homes Reykjavik Iceland
Pick a door, any door…
Colourful homes Reykjavik Iceland
The corrugated iron adds a special touch to these homes
Colourful homes Reykjavik Iceland
All shades are present it seems

Travel to other towns around Iceland like Akureyri and Husavik in the north of the country and you will see similar places that all add a splash of colour to the winter landscape. It works well!

Colourful homes Akureyri Iceland
Colourful homes and church Husavik  Iceland
Colourful homes and church Husavik Iceland

These colourful homes are just one of the many highlights of travelling in Iceland. They provide a unique touch to this amazing little country in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.


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