An Icelandic Bus Journey


A 6 hour winters journey on a bus in Iceland may not sound like much fun but this trip from Akureyri in northern Iceland, down the west coast to the capital of Reykjavik in the southern part of the country provided some amazing and diverse scenery. The bus started in ice and snow, but soon it was passing through areas that had experienced above freezing temperatures and you could actually see grass that would normally be blanketed in snow!

Iceland bus journey
The Bus Journey

After only seeing white landscapes for the whole time I was travelling about Iceland, this was a unique glimpse of what the country kind of looks like in the summer (minus the green as the grass was a brownish colour). Then before you know it you are back driving through icy roads and snow drifts.

Iceland bus journey
Setting off in the early daylight
Iceland bus journey
Northwestern Iceland countryside
Iceland bus journey
Icy roads
Iceland bus journey
Mountain ranges
Iceland bus journey
Believe it or not that’s farmland at the bottom of that range
Iceland bus journey
I was happy to be a passenger
Iceland bus journey
Famland where the slightly warmer weather had melted away the snow
iceland countryside
A glimpse of what Iceland sort of looks like in warmer months
iceland countryside
Looking back from where I had come
iceland countryside
Akureyri that way
Iceland farm
Nice place for a farm
iceland countryside farm
Grass showing
Getting cold again
Getting cold again
Iceland village
Snowy village
Icelandic Horses
Icelandic Horses
Iceland caostline
A glimpse of the ocean
Icelandic fjord
Looking out into a north western fjord
Iceland countryside
Back to snowy countryside
Iceland snowy landscape
The long winding road
Iceland truck stop
An icy truck stop along the way
snowy highway iceland
Back on the road again, the snow drifts across the highway
Sunset across snow iceland
Sun setting
Sunset across snow iceland
What a journey!

The photos speak for themselves (although as the day went on the bus windows got very dirty and eventually it was impossible to take any photos). Quite the journey (funnily enough I forgot to take a photo of the bus I travelled in)!




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