Snapshots of Europe: Bratislava Castle, Slovakia

From its hilltop perch, Bratislava Castle dominates the city skyline of Bratislava (it is a national museum with various exhibits). Construction of the various forms of the castle was conducted between the 9th century and 18th century (first it was part of the Kingdom of Moravia, then Hungary, then Czechoslovakia and today Slovakia). An accidental fire begun by soldiers within the castle totally gutted it on May 28th, 1811. In the 1930’s it was considered destroying what remained but luckily this did not happen and parts of the site were used as a military barracks until 1946.

A scene of Bratislava in years gone by
A scene of Bratislava in years gone by with the gutted castle

During the communist years the castle was rebuilt between 1956 and 1964 (no doubt under the watchful eye of the Soviet Union) . A massive restoration process was commenced in 2008 and today the castle is looking fantastic up there, especially at night (work continues around the castle though)!

Bratislava Castle Slovakia at night
Bratislava Castle
Bratislava Castle Slovakia at niight
The city goes all out in lighting the place up at night – looks great!

For the best view of the castle, take a walk out on the “UFO bridge“. More on that communist era gem in a future post.ofof Bratislava

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