Snapshots of Europe: A Dubrovnik Sunset

Walk onto the rocks outside the mighty city walls of Dubrovnik and enjoy a glorious sunset across the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. The sky lights up and positively glows!

Snapshots of Europe: Dubrovnik by Night

A walk at night through the paved city streets of old town Dubrovnik is one to remember. The light simply gleams off all that polished stone to beautiful effect. You cant help but smile.

Snapshots of Europe: Dubrovnik, Croatia

The city of Dubrovnik on the Adriatic coast of Croatia shares much history from behind its mighty city walls and forts. The walls you see today date back to between the 12 and 17th centuries and the old city, including parts of the walls were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. The walls wind almost…

Snapshots of Europe: The Bridge of Prince Danilo Petrovic, Montenegro

Prince Danilo I Petrovic reigned in Montenegro from 1852-1860. He was a strong commander who lead Montenegro to a significant military victory against the Turks in 1858 which resulted in Turkey recognizing the independence of Montenegro. Unfortunately his reign was cut short when he was assassinated in Kotor in August 1860 at the age of just 34. He was courting…

Snapshots of Europe: Pristina, Kosovo

A gritty place that’s not high on the favoured list of travelers but Pristina the Kosovar capital is not without its own certain charm. Look around and you will find it for yourself from heroes past and present; to architecture, a crossroads of religious beliefs and national freedom.

Snapshots of Europe: Kameni Most – Prizren, Kosovo

Prizren is a picturesque historic city in Kosovo, that formed part of the Ottoman Empire from the 15th to the early 20th century. The Ottoman culture remains evident today with the fully restored 15th century Ottoman stone bridge (Kameni Most) over the Lepenac River remaining an icon of the city.  The bridge, with the nearby grand Sina Pasha…