Remnants of the Past: The Old Homestead

I recently spotted this old stone homestead on a farm near the highway north of Burra in the mid-north of South Australia. These types of places are dotted all over this region and make you wonder what type of life people lived out there in an age before cars and trucks rushed by? Advertisements

Remnants of the Past: The Old Burra Burra Mine

On the edge of the town of Burra in the mid-north of South Australia sits the Burra Burra Mine. The colour of the water in this old mine pit is quite stunning.  The greenish colour which changes throughout the year is believed to be caused by a scattering of light caused by minute crystals in the water….

Hogwarts in Adelaide?

Not quite Hogwarts and no Harry Potters about the place, but it is the Mortlock Wing of the State Library of South Australia which opened in Adelaide, the state capital in 1884. Amongst these shelves are many old and rare books, with many of them detailing the history if South Australia. The state officially became a…

Adelaide: Day and Night

Adelaide founded by Colonel William Light in 1836, is the capital of the state of South Australia and with 1.2 million people is the fifth largest city in the country. Known as the “City of Churches” it has many historic sandstone buildings including churches and is surrounded by a ring of parklands with the Adelaide Hills…

I still call Australia home

A sunburnt country… Although I currently live in the USA, my homeland is Australia and it is a place I love. January 26th is when we celebrate Australia Day so I thought I would write about that great southern land. “I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding…