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Please take a look at my other blogs:

Deano In America which is about my travels and experiences living in America.

Aces Flying High which is about my travels to various aviation related museums and events around the world with a bit of history thrown in for good measure.

Aces Flying High – The Survivors is about rare aircraft I have seen at air shows and museums around the world.

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  1. Steve Maffeo (in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA) says:

    Hey Deano, love your blogs and your incredible photos, etc. I am working on a self-published book partially about Soviet FOXTROT submarines, and saw on Google two small drawings of such that show you as the source. May I use the drawings, on small scale? You don’t indicate copyright, and maybe you got the drawings elsewhere? Thanks!

    1. Deano says:

      Hi Steve, I found that via a web search but I do not know the original source. Sorry.

  2. Steve Maffeo says:

    Hey Deano, roger that. Much appreciated.

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